Introduction of metal detection program for high-speed cable welding quality control

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Before welding, the aluminum foil Mylar needs to be peeled off by laser. If there are still various impurities and pollutants on the aluminum foil, it will seriously affect the subsequent welding of metal parts such as terminals, copper sheets and the aluminum foil, and ultimately affect the accuracy and performance of the product test. efficient……

Part 1

The composition of high-speed cables

High-speed cable (Direct Attach Cable) is abbreviated as DAC (common DAC high-speed cable classification and model), generally translated as direct connection cable or direct connection copper cable, using silver-plated copper conductor and foamed insulated core wire as the material, using a separate wire The way of shielding and total shielding constitutes a high-speed cable. The cable composition structure is mainly divided into four layers:





level one

Cored wire

The two insulated core wires and the ground wire are combined together by a wrapping machine, wrapped with a layer of aluminum foil and a layer of self-adhesive polyester tape;

Second floor

Cabled core wire

It is mainly composed of multiple cored wires. Similarly, the outer layer is wrapped with a layer of polyester tape and aluminum foil Mylar tape;

the third floor

Metal shielding net

Refers to the wire braid outside the cable core, which is used to enhance the shielding effect of the wire and obtain better performance;

Fourth floor

Outer sheath

Made of polyethylene and other materials

Part 2

Cleanliness: the key to high-speed cable welding quality

With the rapid rise of cloud computing and big data, in order to maintain the rapid transmission of data, there are more and more application scenarios for high-speed interconnection. The high-speed development of the 5G era has higher requirements for high-speed cables and transmission performance. The original manufacturing process must be optimized to improve the quality, especially in the high-speed cable manufacturing process, the welding process when connecting PCBs and various electronic components with wires and cables.



Part 3




(German SITA (SITA) Surface Cleanliness Tester)


A well-known cable manufacturer has set an internal standard of <100RFU* to be qualified. Use a tower surface cleanliness meter to test whether the aluminum foil laser removes Mylar and its cleanliness reaches the qualified range.

①The surface cleanliness meter of the analysis tower (SITA) acts on the surface of the sample →


② No cleaning after removing Mylar by aluminum foil laser: 1646.7 RFU, unqualified ↓


③ Alcohol scrubbing after removing Mylar by aluminum foil laser: 48.8RFU, qualified ↓


RFU: relative fluorescence units (relative fluorescence units), often used for the detection of residual contaminants on the surface. The larger the value, the various organic contaminants at the test point (stretching oil, cutting oil, cleaning agent, mold release wax) , Adhesives, fluxes, etc.) the greater the residual amount.

Part 4

Principle of Analyzer Tower Surface Cleanliness Meter


(SITA Surface Cleanliness Tester)

The surface cleanliness meter of SITA adopts the principle of confocal method. The light source emits UV light with the best wavelength to detect the contaminants on the metal surface. The built-in sensor accurately detects the fluorescence intensity caused by the contaminants, and the size of the fluorescence intensity Depending on the organic residues on the surface of the substrate, the cleanliness of the metal surface can be accurately quantified.


With the help of the combined action of UV light source and sensor, the surface cleanliness meter can quickly quantify the cleanliness test results, used to directly determine whether the metal base film surface has reached the qualified range, effectively avoiding measurement errors caused by human judgment, thereby preventing some The appearance of quality defects, such as desoldering, false welding, etc., to ensure that the quality of the finished product meets the requirements.


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