SFP28 25G 26AWG-2P

The SFP28 25G is primarily used for interconnecting data center servers and switches and is a new Ethernet standard with multiple advantages The biggest advantage that 25G Ethernet technology brings to the data center is the ability to maximize bandwidth and port density, and it can also achieve 100Gb data transmission using 25Gbs single-channel physical layer technology


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The Display Port standard specifications an open digital communications interface for use in both internal connections,such as interfaces within a PC or monitor, and external display connections, including interfaces between a PC and monitor or projector, between a PC and TV, or between a device such as a DVD player and TV display


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Based on DVI,HDMI was developed It is suited for digital television, DVD play, as other digital audio visual products It can transmit high analytic video and multi-track audio materials in digital form with highquality。 And the highest transmission speed is 10 2Gbps In the cable, the audio and video signals are put intoone cable Therefore, it does not need many cables like the audiovisual cable with analogous method HDMIhas adopted small interface which is suited for digital portable In addition, it still support the standard 5specifications, the EIA CEA861x of Consumer Electronics Association in home appliances field


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USB4, In 2019, USB-IF integrated the Thunderbolt 3 protocol (TBT3) on the basis of USB 3.2 , launched USB4 Gen 2x2 and USB4 Gen 3x2. The difference between the past is that the name USB 3.2 is still retained. USB4 is a doubling of the original USB 3.2 transmission speed, reaching 40Gbps, which is the speed of USB4 Gen 3x2. USB4 supports both USB 3.2 and TBT3 transfers. In short, USB4=USB 3.2+TBT3. USB4, like USB 3.2, also has single channel mode and dual channel mode. The USB4 interface and USB 3.2 interface both support the use of the USB PD fast charging protocol.

USB4 integrates multiple protocols as well as support more devices simultaneously, which involves bandwidth allocation. As shown in the figure below, USB4 can allocate up to 22Gbps of bandwidth for data transmission and at least 18GB of bandwidth for display support. Can connect a display with a resolution of 5120x2880 (5k), a refresh rate of 60Hz, and a color depth of 30bit, leaving 18Gbps of bandwidth for data transmission; You can also connect two videos with a resolution of 4096x2160 (4k), a refresh rate of 60Hz, and a color depth of 30bit, leaving 8Gbps of bandwidth for data transmission.


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Overview: SAS (Serial Attached SCSI), also known as Serial Attached SCSI, is a new generation of SCSI technology, like the current popular Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives, uses serial technology to achieve higher transmission speeds and improves internal space by shortening connection lines. For raw wires, mainly distinguished based on electrical performance, divided into 6G and 12G, and SAS4.0 24G. However, the mainstream production process is still basically the same. For SAS high-frequency lines, impedance, attenuation, loop loss, and crosstalk are the most important transmission indicators. The operating frequency of SAS high-frequency lines is generally above 2.5GHz. High frequency and low loss communication cables are generally made of foam-polyethylene or foam-polypropylene as insulation materials. Two insulated core wires and two ground wires enter the wrapping machine, and aluminum foil and adhesive polyester tape are wrapped around the insulated core wires and ground wires, insulation process design and process control, structure, electrical performance requirements, and transmission theory of high-speed transmission lines.

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Cable Construction
Section Item Hibest's requirement
Insulation Conductor
"26AWG 1/0.425±0.005mm
Silver Plated Copper"
Insulation PP
Thickness 0.30mm Nom./0.25mm Min
OD 1.42±0.03mm
Color Transparent
Drain 26AWG 1/0.404±0.005mm Tinned Copper
Material 1 10mm Blue AL foil
Material 2 6mm Hot melt Mylar
Printing 2P Print:A01、A02
Mylar 0.015*14mm
Mylar 0.015*12mm&0.025*12mm
(Wrap/AL foil outward)
Pitch 300mm
Braid Material
"16*12/0.10±0.005mm Tinned Copper 
Braid Copper Coverage 85%"
OD 4.2±0.05mm
Jacket Material 60P PVC
Thickness 0.4mm Min AVG/0.30mm Min
OD 5.30±0.10mm

Ⅱ.Physical Characteristics  

1. PP Insulation:Before aging:Tensile strength 3000PSI Min  Elongation:150% Min
2. PVC Insulation:Before aging:Tensile strength 1500PSI Min  Elongation:100% Min



SFP28  25G  26AWG*4C  HiBest uLDc®    www.hibest.com.cn


Ⅳ.Electrical Characteristics 

1.Conductor Resistance:140 Ohms/km Max@20℃
2.Differential impedance:100±5 Ohm@TDR 30ps risetime(20%~80%)
3.Intra-pair Skew 100ps risetime(20%~80%):≤10ps/Cable
4.Attenuntion SDD21:
-4.64dB/m Max.@12.5 MHz
-4.64dB/m Max.@1250 MHz
-6.74dB/m Max.@2500 MHz
-9.47dB/m Max.@5000 MHz
-11.6dB/m Max.@7000 MHz
-14.4dB/m Max.@10000 MHz
-17.1dB/m Max.@12890 MHz
-19.2dB/m Max.@15000 MHz
-22.3dB/m Max.@18000 MHz
-24.7dB/m Max.@20000 MHz
5.Diff To Comm_Convert SCD21:
-22dB/m Max.@12.5-20000 MHz
6.Return Loss SDD11&SDD22:
-16.05dB/m Max.@12.5 MHz
-12.5dB/m Max.@4100 MHz
-2.81dB/m Max.@20000 MHz
7.Withstand Voltage:300V/DC
8.Insulation Resistance:﹥300M Ohm


Ⅴ.Products meet environmental requirements



1.Adopt type300rubber shaft,1000FT(305M)/roll,max 1 connector per roll allowed.
2.PE film wrapping protection
※Unless the customer has special requirements, all are handled in the above way
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